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         About Our Company


OREL Vision is an AI, ML-based company exclusively working on Drone Technology in agriculture, health, and defense. They are also offering solutions in SMART technology. Particularly in agriculture technology, Agri Tech smart drones for land survey, land settlement, disease, and pathogen detection. There are specialized drones for detecting crops, hazardous plants, and areas, and Agri Tech drones for spray services. The team of OREL Vision is actively working on agriculture production restoration and enhancement through precision agriculture.


In conventional farming, the farmers lack resources, information, and technology that directly affect the crop yield and lead to food insecurity. While, in precision agriculture, all the activities of modern farming are performed through high-tech methodology and equipment to increase crop productivity. SMART Agriculture and precision technologies cover all agriculture domains, including land preparation, leveling, soil sampling, irrigation, high yield producing seed sowing, fertilizing, crop health monitoring (pest, weed, disease control), monitoring plant physiological parameters with planned harvesting.

drone for agriculture, drone use for various fields like research analysis, safety,rescue, terrain scanning technology, monitoring soil hydration ,yield problem and send data to smart farmer on tablet

With the help of precision farming, there are economic, social, and environmental advantages compared to traditional agriculture. Crop productivity can be increased by reducing soil, air, and water pollution. By using small resources, farmers can maintain their farms and fields by monitoring the crop and soil parameters. Precision farming is also beneficial in the reduction of greenhouse gases emission ultimately, improving climate health. There are multiple types of fertilizer like organic fertilizer, NPK, Iron, Sulphur, depends on the land and its nutrients requirements. Sowing harvesting, monitoring protection, Climate change, environmental protection, Modern high tech all are the modules of Precision agriculture, and without this module, we cannot attain high productivity with fewer effort or energy.


          Our Recent Proposal


OREL Vision has prepared this proposal by keeping in mind the utmost importance of precision farming and the use of Agri tech prototypes to restore the crop yield within the limited resources of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.